Sometimes you just need to be a dreamer.
First time trying this place out~~  (at Audabon Bakeshop)
"Take a chance, you never know what might happen…"
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This is why I’m no good at photo challenges lol BUT ANYWAYS… This year has been a great  year of philanthropy. From our national philanthropy, the Ovarian Cancer Coalition, to a newly adopted philanthropy, Circle of Sisterhood,  both have been very inspiring to be apart of! #daytwo #asrphotochallenge #alphasigs #alphasigmarho #nevertoolate #philanthropy #ovariancancer #circleofsisterhood
"I just want someone to be real with me."
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Jane Margolis sketch card by Ron Chan in Portland, OR
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Weeding out the bullshit

I am going to start reevaluating what I want with my life, before I start cutting out what I don’t need, including people. I’m starting to realize that I’ve been carrying around alot of deadweight for no reason at all.